What is Innerdance. History of the practice

About the creator of the practice

Pi Villarazza was born in the Philippines in the city of Manila. At the age of 25 with no money, without informing any of his family or friends, waking up at one point, he simply walks away from all known comforts, in a state of absolute trust.
Pi spends a year on a walking pilgrimage around the island of Mindanao and after almost a year there, he moves to the island of Palawan and settles on a beach called Kalipay, where he spends another 2 years leading a very ascetic lifestyle.
Here, meditating every day and eating only coconuts, Pi reaches a special state of consciousness in which a powerful flow of energy opens up to him. This is what we now call the practice of Innerdance | Kundalini Activation Process

Innerdance translates to inner dance. But it is not a dance in its direct sense. Innerdance is named for the spontaneous movements that occur as this inner energy moves through the human body. This energy is so powerful that it can literally catapult people into a world of deeper awareness, wholeness and balance.

The Innerdance is a transformative self-awakening process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, releasework, energy awareness, live foods and ecological lifestyles, which can eventually assist in the planet's healing and evolution in a time of accelerated global awakening process.
Innerdance is the intuitive remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of bodies, minds and emotions as Energy. Coming to the awareness of this energy brings people to a more strengthened, sustainable and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet itself.
Innerdance is an energy practice and all the work here happens primarily on the energetic level.
Training Program
Innerdance | Kundalini Activation

  • The history of the Practice and its founder
  • Healing with innerdance
  • Kundalini: the dance of awakening
  • Conception of transmission and Shaktipad
  • The concept of Shakti energy
  • Transformational Medicine
  • 5 areas of inner dance
  • Psychedelic experiences during practice
  • REM sleep cycles
  • Near-death experiences
  • Letting go and catharsis
  • 12 stages of inner dance
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • The role of circadian rhythms in practice
  • Rhythms of the brain
  • The role of MU-waves and mirror neurons in Innerdance practice
  • Creating guided journeys
  • The role of music and various musical instruments in the practice process
  • Principles of creating your own musical journey and working with ready-made soundtracks
  • The art of touch
  • The role of breathing during practice
  • Myths and truth about energy orgasms
  • How to facilitate individual session
  • How to facilitate group session
  • How to facilitate online session
  • Day 1
    11:00 -14:00 Theory
    14:00-15:30 Lunch
    15:30-18:00 Practice

  • Day 2
    11:00 -14:00 Theory
    14:00-15:30 Lunch
    15:30-18:00 Practice
  • Day 3
    11:00 -14:00 Theory
    14:00-15:30 Lunch
    15:30-18:00 Practice
  • Day 4
    Independent work. Homework
  • Day 5
    Practice in pairs.
    Practicing homework
  • Post-training support
    After the training, all participants are supported by the trainer in wats app chat
About the teacher
Mariya Radionova
  • Trained under the founder of Innerdance practice Pi Villarazza in the Philippines;
  • De-armoring bodywork therapist;
  • Sound Therapist, Specialist in meditation and massage with singing bowls. More than 10 years of practical experience, Founder of the international school of sound therapy "Sound Amrita" in Bali;
  • Yoga instructor,
  • Trained in various ashrams in India and in Shaolin Monastery in China;
  • Received initiation as a Diksha Givers at Oneness University (India);
  • Received initiation into 1st and 2nd step of Kriya Yoga;
  • Self-Massage Instructor (Roll&Release).
  • Signature Cell Healing Specialist;
  • Specialist in hijama healing, api healing and herbal medicine;
  • Consultant on nutrition and body cleansing;
After completing the training, you will be able to conduct your own individual and group Innerdance processes, both live and online.
"Energy School" Innerdance Facilitator Training
Accommodation and meals are not included in the cost of the training and are to be paid separately if necessary
Group training
20-24 January 2024
1900 USD

Individual training
In your dates
4000 USD
Whats App: +62-878-195-82-691
E-mail: exploreinnerworld@gmail.com
Bali, Indonesia