"Amrita Shala" booking

To book a yoga shala you need to make a 100% prepayment.
The yoga shala will be assigned to you on the day and time of your choice only after full payment.

1 -2 hours - 400 000 IDR
3 hours - 600 000 IDR
5 hours - 900 000 IDR
8 hours - 1 200 000 IDR
Full day - 1 500 000 IDR

*By making payment you agree to the Amrita Chalet terms and conditions described below.

Bank name: OCBC
Account number: 162800002196
Beneficiary's name: PT Explore Inner World

Сancellation condition

- 90% of the advance payment is refundable if the reservation is canceled 10 days prior to the shala rental date;
- 50% of the advance payment is refundable in the case of cancellation 3 days prior to the date of shala rental;
- 25% advance is refundable in case of cancellation 2 days before the date of shala rental;
- Advance payment will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled later than one day before the date of shala rental;
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Amrita shala rules

Event organizers ensure that the following studio rules are followed by all event participants:

Equipment and rules for its use:
1. The use of yoga mats is allowed only with the pattern upwards;
2. Crumpling of yoga mats is NOT allowed;
3. At the end of the meeting yoga mats are neatly folded and returned back to their place in their respective boxes;
4. If during the meeting any mats were dirty (spilled something, etc.), then in this case yoga mats are first cleaned, dried and only after that folded and put back in the box (if possible, prefer dry cleaning).
5. There are 2 types of cushions available in the studio:
- Flat meditation cushions for sitting on the floor/meditation etc.
- Bulky lying pillows for the head area.
6. Things NOT for general use:
-Singing bowls, gongs, tambourines, and other sound therapy studio equipment;
-Nail board;
-New meditation mats from the studio store;
-All items on the altar and on the shelves below it;
The organizers of the event make sure that the guests do not confuse the new mats from the store with the mats of the studio.
And also that this studio equipment is not used by the guests for any purposes (to touch, play, sound, climb through the cabinets with things and similar).
7. If any of the guests comes to the studio with children, the organizers are especially attentive to the children's behavior in the space and, if necessary, correct the child's behavior in time with the parents in order to preserve the integrity of the studio equipment.
8. At the end of the meeting the organizers of the event completely close the yoga shala (close all windows on the latches, turn off all lights and fans everywhere, do not leave the studio space / do not leave the studio unattended until the moment of closing the front door on the key by the administrator of the studio);
9.After the event, the room must be left in the same condition as before. If it is necessary to clean something after the meeting, the organizers of the event organize this process themselves (the necessary equipment can be found in the studio's restroom).

On the territory of the Studio it is forbidden to:

1. Smoking on the terrace and inside the yoga shala. (For smoking guests this option is available in the parking lot of Kakul villa);
2. Visiting the Studio grounds with pets;
3. Noisy events and practices that involve the use of loud music or active self-expression of participants through shouting and other loud and noisy manifestations are prohibited in the yoga shala.

Responsibilities of the event organizers:

1. The event organizers shall ensure that the guests who come to their event comply with the rules of the studio.
2. Event organizers are fully responsible for the integrity of the property of the studio during the event. In case of damage and damage to the property of the studio, the organizers of the event reimburse the full cost of the damage.

Permission documents for conducting activities on the territory of Indonesia:

1.The event organizers are fully responsible for the availability of working documents for the relevant activities in Indonesia.
-Without authorization documents it is only possible to conduct various non-paid activities in Indonesia.
-If the organizers collect any fees from the participants of the event, including in the form of donation, then for such activities, the organizers and all leading process and administrative staff must have the appropriate permits.

Sound Amrita does not bear any responsibility for the organizers of the event in case they violate the working legislation of Indonesia. Full responsibility for compliance with these rules lies with the organizers themselves.

You can ask questions and inquire about dates and times you are interested in renting by writing a message on
Whats App: +62-878-1958-2691 or email: exploreinnerworld@gmail.com

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