3 Day Vibrational Sound Healing training in Bali.

Intensive Level 1+ Level 2

This training is the essence/the quintessence of the knowledge which our Masters collected bit by bit.
On the retreat you will learn ancient traditional Himalayan singing bowls techniques, Crystal singing bowl techniques and Gong techniques .
You will also learn about modern scientific researches, will discover new world of sound and vibration from the perspective of numbers, hertz and will find out how this all is synchronized with the work of our brain and planet vibrations.

Our workshop is not only about the work with singing bowls & gong, it's also the door to the world of sound and vibrations.


1 group: 01-03 July 2024

2 group: 21-23 July 2024

3 group: 16-18 August 2024
3 days


Vibrational sound healing workshop & training

This training will be the dive deep into the healing world of the sound and vibrations in one of the most stunning places on the islands. Ubud is the place surrounded by tropical jungles, amazing rice fields, mountain rivers, and exotic flowers.

The goal of this training is to familiarize the participants with the principles of vibrational sound healing with singing Tibetan bowl.
During this training you will plunge into the world of the sound and vibrations, you will work with the ancient healing tool which is tibetan bowls that are known for people for more than 3000 years.

You will learn the massage techniques with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls, how the singing bowls can help us in meditation and how we can combine yoga asana together with the singing bowls & Gong.

During this training not only you will have the opportunity to experience the "vibrational sound massage" yourself, but you will also receive all instructions in sound massage and meditation and you will have the opportunity to practice and offer your first massage session with the singing bowls.

On this vibrational sound healing training and workshop, you will learn and experience the healing power of sound and vibration and how you can bring balance and harmony in each aspect of your life i.e. good health, a better relationship, peace, prosperity, and spirituality.

You will have the opportunity to work with singing bowls of different sizes & gong, you will have demos and practice with therapy bowls & gong for a specific use.

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn the method which can help to heal yourself, friends, relatives, client.

After this training, you will be able to offer private massage sessions with the Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls and Gong, lead the group meditations and upgrade your yoga classes with the healing sounds.

Vibrational sound healing with the singing bowls & gong is a massage for every cell of our body which is more than 100 billion!

The vibrations provide the body with an absolute rest on the cellular level.

Every session is healing not only for the client but also for the healer. By healing others you heal yourself!

Vibrational sound healing
It is considered in the eastern cultures that the whole universe consists of sounds and rhythm and the one who is vibrating harmoniously has inner calmness and health. Vibrational sound healing with tibetan bowls is a very unique method for dealing with the tension and stress, as well as for the nervous and energy systems recovery. During the session with the singing bowls, subtle bodies of a person purify, all the chakras get in balance and the level of vital force increases.

Experience the sensation of the sound in the body!
Positive effects of meditation /
massage with Tibetan & Crystal bowls and Gong
  • -Restores the balance of the physical, mental, emotional body;
    -Stress and depressive conditions are removed;
    - Spiritual strength is restored;
    -Clears consciousness - returns to the state of "here and now";
    - Negative feelings, thoughts and energies are transformed and dissolved;
    -Muscular tension, clamps, spasms and blocks are gently eliminated;
    -It has a healing effect on the human body: cleans and structures water in the body, performs massage of internal organs, joints, ligaments, muscles;
    -The mechanism of self-healing and regeneration of the body is activated at all levels;
    -There is a balancing and restoration of the human energy field;
    -The state of harmony and deep inner peace (alpha-state) is quickly achieved;
    -Helps to strengthen the energy in general, adjusts the work of the main energy centers (chakras);
    - The state of every cell of the body is harmonized;
    -Synchronizes the cerebral hemispheres;
    - Balances the psycho-emotional background;
    -Increases the body's resources;
    - Harmonization occurs at all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual);
    -Fears, worries, resentments disappear;
    -Creative potential is revealed;
    -A feeling of freedom from the endless stream of thoughts appears;
    -The answers to complex and long-standing questions come by themselves;
    - Vibrations in disharmony are balanced;
    -Energies in the body begin to flow easily and freely

For whom is this training
  • for anyone who wants to be a sound therapist and provide healing sessions;
  • for anyone who wants to integrate sound therapy practices into their therapeutic work;
  • for those who is seeking to improve themselves and their loved ones;
  • For everyone who is interested in the topic of self-development;
  • For yoga instructors, psychologists, massage therapists, healers;
  • For practicing yoga and meditation;
  • For those who already have some experience in meditation, and completely newbies;
  • For everyone who strives for a harmonious inner state;
  • For everyone who is interested in the topic of music and sound and its impact on humans;
  • For anyone with an interest in Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls and Gong

This course will be useful to anyone, from a housewife who wants to help themselves and their loved ones, to workers and employees of medical and spa institutions who want to diversify or supplement their professional activities with effective techniques. For some, it can become a new profession, for someone an additional tool, and for someone a favourite hobby.

What will you learn
  • How to help yourself and others with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls;
  • How to let go of negative emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, irritation and harmonize the psycho-emotional background;
  • How to choose the right bowl and set for your individual practice (for meditation and massage);
  • Receptions of vibro-acoustic massage with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls;
  • Master the technique of "Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls" (Contact method);
  • Master the "Sound Bath" technique (non-contact method);
  • Gain knowledge and skills to conduct group meditation with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls;
  • Master the technique of working with the subtle structures of a person;
  • Master the techniques of conducting pair sessions, sessions for pregnant women, sessions in the water, etc.;
  • Learn how Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls can help with various diseases;
  • How to cleanse and harmonize space with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls;
  • How to cleanse crystals and structure water using Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls;
  • Learn what the Schumann resonance frequency and Prayer Vigilance are;
  • Learn how to create binaural beats yourself;
  • Learn how to determine which note the bowl sounds to;
  • Learn to determine the frequencies of the sounding notes in hertz;
  • You will learn how the sound of the bowls relates to the energy centers of the human chakras;
  • Learn what the planetary system is and how the bowls are interconnected with the planets of our solar system;
  • Learn for the technology of soundbath with gong;
  • Learn hoe to lead a private and groupe session with gong ;
  • And much more ..;
Course Program
Part 1

  • The history of the appearance of the Tibetan singing bowls;
  • What bowls are and what materials they are made of and what are their features and differences (shape, ametals, patterns, Full-moon, Shiva-lingam, handmade, factory bowls, etc.);
  • How to choose the right bowl and set for your individual practice;
  • Sound therapy in the modern world as an effective method of healing;
  • On the impact of the bowls on the human body and psyche. Why does it work;
  • How does the sound of bowls affect a person and the surrounding space;
  • Processes occurring when exposed to the body with bowls;
  • How and what the bowls can be used for;
  • Sound extraction techniques, stick types (soft and hard);
  • Sound production methods;
  • The beneficial effects of the sound of singing bowls in various diseases;
  • Application of the method for prophylactic and health-improving purposes;
  • Indications and contraindications;
  • The benefits and features of the use of sound therapy during pregnancy, in obstetrics, with newborns and children;
  • Signals and blocks in the body;
  • Recommendations for building a course of procedures, dosage, session algorithm
Part 2
Mastering the technique "Massage with Tibetan singing bowls" work with the 1st Tibetan bowl (Contact method):

  • Preparing the space for the Tibetan Bowl Massage
  • Space and inventory requirements
  • Tibetan singing bowl massage: method description
  • Scheme, sequence of construction and methodological features of the technique "Massage with Tibetan singing bowls";
  • Soft client withdrawal from the session;
  • Demonstration of massage with Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Practice;
Part 3
Mastering Contact and Non-contact techniques for working with Tibetan singing bowls (individual and pair sessions):

  • Mastering the technique "Massage with Tibetan singing bowls" (Contact method) with 3 bowls or more;
  • Mastering the "Sound bath" technique (non-contact method);
  • Combination of contact and non-contact methods;
  • Mastering the "Cross" technique (non-contact method)
  • Mastering the technique of conducting pair sessions "Love Story"
  • Mastering the technique of sound healing for pregnant women "The birth of a mother";
  • Working with the subtle energy field of a person - the aura;
  • Mastering the "Wings" technique;
  • Sound accompaniment in the process of nailing practice;
  • Techniques for working with bowls in standing and sitting positions;
  • Features of work with bowls of XXL size;
Part 4
Mastering the technique "Group meditation with Tibetan singing bowls":

  • Group meditation: method description
  • Scheme, sequence of construction and methodological features of group meditation with Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Intuitive component;
  • Integration of all techniques of working with Tibetan bowls in group meditation;
  • Additional musical instruments in group meditation;
  • Demonstration of group meditation technique with Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Practice;
  • Mantra OM and chakra healing in group practices with bowls
Part 5
How to use Tibetan Singing bowls in daily life:

  • Harmonization and purification of space with the help of Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Crystal cleansing with Tibetan singing bowls;
  • How to charge drinking water and food with Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Self-massage techniques

Part 6
The modern school of sound therapy / In the world of frequencies:

  • How to determine in which octave the chalice sounds and to which note it belongs;
  • What is hertz and how to determine the frequency of vibration of the sound wave of the bowl;
  • Planetary bowl classification system;
  • Correlation of bowls with human energy centers - chakras (Indian and Tibetan traditions);
  • Solfeggio of ascension frequencies;
  • Rhythms of the brain and the effect of the bowls on the work of the brain;
  • Schumann resonance frequency and Prayer vigilance;
  • How to create binaural beats yourself using Tibetan singing bowls;
  • Nikola Tesla and the magic of numbers 369
  • Myths and truths about the frequency of 432 Hz
Part 7
Crystal bowls & Gong:

  • Varieties of crystal bowls;
  • Features of working with crystal bowls;
  • Varieties of rutting;
  • Techniques of working with gongs
This course is suitable for people of all skill levels and ages. No additional musical education is required.

Also, during the training, students are provided with all the necessary materials and equipment.
After successful completion of the training, participants receive a personal certificate of completion of the full course of sound therapy
Mariya Radionova
About teacher:

Sound healer, The founder of "Sound Amrita" Studio & School in Bali, Indonesia
For over 10 years Mariya has facilitated many workshops, meditations & concerts with bronze bowls of the Himalayas, Gong, Tuning fork and Crystal singing bowl.

She has studied under singing bowl masters such as Peter Hess (from Germany) and Atma Swami (from India).

For the past 10 years she has followed her heart, discovering her spirituality through different paths, she's traveled and lived as a citizen of the world in countries such as India, Thailand, China, Philippines, Germany and Indonesia.

Her trips include the study of yoga, meditation, nada yoga, energy work and Hindu philosophy while living in Ashramas in India, study Thai Massage and Inner Dance while living in Thailand and Philippines, study Qigong while living in China, study bio-dynamic shaking meditation while living in Bali.

Mariya will facilitate a training where you will learn how different type of sound healing sessions.
She will teach and guide you on the fundamentals of sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Anna Karpacheva
About teacher
  • Sound therapist
  • Yoga instructor
  • Vedic astrologer
  • Nutritionist
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1 group: 12-14 March 2024

2 group: 06-08 April 2024

3 group: 09-11 May 2024

4 group: 01-03 June 2024

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3 Day Vibrational Sound Healing training in Bali.
Intensive Level 1+ Level 2
1200 USD
  • 3 Day Vibrational Sound Healing Workshop
  • Certificate on completion of the training
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