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Healing Vibrational School

Sound Healing School "SOUND AMRITA" provides sound healing therapy training courses both for beginners (for personal therapy and interaction in everyday life) and prepares future professional sound therapists.

Basic Tibetan Singing Bowl Course
Level 1
The course is intended for anyone who is partial to the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and who wants to start applying them in their daily life.
During the course, you will learn the old traditional Himalayan techniques for working with Tibetan singing bowls, which Tibetan monks have carefully kept for all these centuries, and you will also gain knowledge on how to use the bowls in everyday life and how to help yourself, your family and friends with them.
FULL 5 days course for working with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls and Gong "Healing Vibrations"
Level 1+2
This course is a concentrate / quintessence of knowledge that was collected bit by bit around the world.

On the retreat you will learn ancient traditional Himalayan singing bowls techniques, Crystal singing bowl techniques and Gong techniques .
You will also learn about modern scientific researches, will discover new world of sound and vibration from the perspective of numbers, hertz and will find out how this all is synchronized with the work of our brain and planet vibrations.

After this workshop,you will be able to offer private massage sessions with the Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls and Gong, lead the group meditations and upgrade your yoga classes with the healing sounds.
Private & Group therapy
How group meditation with Tibetan bowls differs from an individual massage session with Tibetan bowls:

The main difference is that during a group meditation with Tibetan singing bowls, all the bowls are around you (non-contact method), and during an individual massage session with Tibetan bowls, the bowls are on your body for the whole session (contact method). It is due to the vibrations emanating from the bowls that the massage effect is achieved. This is a massage for over trillions of cells in your body!

Book place in a group meditation
You can also join regular group meditations with Tibetan singing bowls in our yoga studio in Prague
Participation fee: 500 CZK (20 EUR)
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We know how to give love with sound!
International School of Sound Therapy "Sound Amrita"
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