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Bali, Indonesia
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Workshop & Retreat
3 Day Vibrational Sound Healing Workshop & Retreat in Bali
This workshop is the essence/the quintessence of the knowledge which our Masters collected bit by bit.
On the retreat you will learn ancient traditional Himalayan singing bowls techniques, which were cherished by Tibetian monks for many centuries. You will also learn about modern scientific researches, will discover new world of sound and vibration from the perspective of numbers, hertz and will find out how this all is synchronized with the work of our brain and planet vibrations.

After this workshop,you will be able to offer private massage sessions with the Tibetan singing bowls, lead the group meditations and upgrade your yoga classes with the healing sounds of the singing bowls.
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What is the Sound Massage
Sound massage is a modern method rooted in ancient knowledge of the positive effects of sound, such as in the east Indian healing arts of 5000+ years ago. According to their legend, humans were created from sound, and are sound. It follows that if a being is "in tune" with both self and environment, he or she is free to live life more freely and creatively.

To put it simply, it is the sound and vibrations of singing bowls positioned with care on the dressed body. Gentle and harmonious sounds are absorbed and that quickly leads into a deep relaxation. The rhythmic sound vibrations are transmitted to the body and produce a subtle vibration which is a kind of a "massage" element.

During a sound massage, an atmosphere of safety and security is created, making it possible to let go – release stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and feelings that have a negative impact on our health. In this soothing atmosphere, we can come in contact with our needs, our "inner wisdom".

Vibrational sound healing with the Tibetan bowls is a massage for every cell of your body which are more than 100 billion. The vibrations provide the body with an absolute rest on the cellular level.
This sound-massage method is based on compiled investigations and experiments showing the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body.

Experience the sensation of the sound in the body!

Group Meditation
A Tibetan Bowl Meditation is a transformational sound immersion experience to truly set your highest intentions and manifest everything you want with absolute vibrant clarity. Through setting intentions, we allow our highest selves to come through, to heal ourselves from within, and become receivers to our deepest truths.
All you have to do in lay down or sit back and let different instruments play around you. You may fall asleep, but you're definitely receiving all the benefits regardless!
Tibetan Bowl Meditation are meant to help shift your brainwave state, to get out of those same patterns and habits to be more relaxed and meditate (alpha and theta states). The deeper we experience the vibrations from the tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and other healing instruments, the greater the ability of healing the parts of us that are out of sync. Sound vibrations and frequencies also activate our meridians/nervous systems/chakras, that kick into gear our natural healing system.
By realigning these parts even just a little bit, we have the potential to remove side effects such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, blocked emotions, and physical body ailments.

You are welcome to join our regular group meditations with Tibetan singing bowls, which take place once a week, every Thursday at 11: 00 in our yoga Studio in Ubud.

This is a high vibe laying down experience!
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Group meditation
Private massage session with tibetan bowl
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Group practice – 10 USD

Private session – 35 USD

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